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Post Voyage Analysis (PVA)

Post Voyage Analysis

We reconstruct your voyage and provide an expert second opinion. TNM's reports are highly regarded for honestly and lack of bias.

Expert and Unbiased Support

With our Post Voyage Analysis service, our claims specialists will fully reconstruct a past voyage and offer their expert advice. This can be done either in preparation for arbitration or to provide a second opinion on vessel performance. This service package includes:

  • Reconstruction of completed voyage based on logs or abstracts of daily noon reports.
  • A detailed and transparent final report for each voyage.
  • Consulting vis a vis C/P wording
  • Access to historical weather data

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A Reputation for Honesty

True North Marine’s reports are recognized throughout our industry for their honesty and lack of bias. Prepared in a concise, easy to understand fashion our PVA reports incorporate the latest standards in maritime arbitration. All our claims specialists are in good standing with the Canadian Maritime Law Association and have to-date completed hundreds of voyage analyses.   Whether you need to analyze a single voyage or conduct a complete review of your fleet, True North Marine’s specialists are here to assist you.

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Additional Services and Add-ons

At True North Marine, we understand that not every client will have the same needs. We offer flexibility and the option to customize the level of service, to meet your needs.

The services below can be added to your standard Weather Routing and Performance Monitoring package for a flat monthly rate.

The additional products below can also be ordered as a stand-alone product.


During a voyage the unexpected sometimes occurs. Whether due to a mechanical failure aboard the vessel, a temporary slowdown, or an unscheduled stoppage you may wish to claim Off-Hire for events which result in delays. To help you cope with the unexpected, TNM can prepare a report detailing the off-hire period including all relevant details which you can present to your counterparty.


With a cumulative 50 years of experience handling performance claims, TNM’s claims specialists are standing by to provide you with the support you need to resolve claims efficiently, expediently, and equitably. Our claims specialists are in good standing with the Canadian Maritime Law Association and will provide you with their expert and unbiased opinion based on the latest in maritime arbitration.


For our weather routing and performance analysis services we typically rely on the information reported to us by the master in their daily noon report. AIS tracking can provide an additional reference for a vessel’s position, speed and route. When providing AIS Tracking your analyst will cross-reference the master’s reported noon positions with their AIS data every 72 hours in order to ensure the integrity of your voyage data. In the event of an anomaly or inconsistency, your assigned analyst will promptly contact you with all relevant details as well as their proposed next steps to resolve the inconsistency.

Additional Services and Add-ons


We offer two levels of Post-Voyage Analysis support. With our PVA report only service you can expect to receive a detailed final report based on our voyage reconstruction.

If you would like performance claims consulting, these are included with our Full PVA Service. We are also pleased to offer Performance claims consulting as a stand alone service as well.

Voyage Reconstruction
Detailed Final Analysis Report
Performance Claim Consulting