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EU ETS from Charterers’ Perspective

Navigating the Future of Maritime Compliance

Come January 2024, the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) will set sail, ushering in a new era of carbon pricing for the maritime sector. While shipowners have been at the forefront of compliance discussions, the spotlight now turns to charterers. What role do they play in this carbon-conscious journey?

Charting the Course: The Charterers’ Carbon Commitment

In compliance with the EMISSION TRADING SCHEME ALLOWANCES CLAUSE FOR TIME CHARTER PARTIES 2022 by BIMCO, charterers bear a contractual responsibility for Emission Allowances corresponding to a vessel’s emissions. This underscores the critical importance of “Route Optimization” when navigating the waters of ETS.

Optimize or Overspend: The Power of Predictive Planning

Though the “Polluter Pays” principle isn’t statutory, contractual agreements thrust responsibility onto charterers. Enter True North Marine’s ETS Portal clubbed with the award-winning platform Opti-Nav. It empowers charterers to not just track ETS relevant voyages and generate ETS Statements for EUA formulation during the charter party period, but also strategically reduce EUA’s within this period.

Smooth Sailing with ETS Portal: Features at a Glance

1. Interactive Dashboard: Track ETS-relevant voyages with ease.

2. ETS Voyage Statements: Formulate EUAs seamlessly during the charter party period.

3. EUA Predictor: Analyze future EUAs for informed decision-making.

4. Fleet Emission Report: Comprehensive insights for a sustainable fleet.

⚓ Why Choose True North Marine?

Our award-winning Opti-Nav solution along with our holistic ETS Portal goes beyond the basics, offering a limitless approach to ETS compliance. Seize the first-mover advantage by leveraging predictive analytics and smart voyage planning.

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