What We Offer You

Ideal for time charterers or Owners wishing to provide their Masters with assistance. It is a full complete service allowing for most cost effective safe routing options. It includes:

  • Preliminary route recommendation
  • Daily route review & adjustments
  • Regular forecasts on route
  • 24/7 available assistance
  • ETA to next Port Calculations
  • Voyage estimations on request
  • Assist in compliance with SEEMP guidelines and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Complete performance monitoring (including all the PMO services)

Ideal for liner services or disponent Owners where routing is not primary concern but where vessel performance analysis is of the utmost importance. It allows operators to optimize their vessels performance, to take corrective actions and to protect hire. It includes:

  • Speed analysis vis a vis c/p description
  • Consumption analysis vis a vis c/p description
  • Daily updates available via Interim Reports or through TNM FleetView
  • Detailed and transparent final reports
  • Post voyage dialogue support

Ideal to secure an expert opinion on vessel performance or in preparation for arbitration. It includes:

  • Reconstruction of completed voyages using logs, abstracts of daily noon reports
  • Detailed and transparent final reports
  • Consulting vis a vis c/p wording
  • Clear, concise and easy to understand
  • Access to historical weather data
  • Can incorporate several voyages or review of entire fleet